30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

I Run for Pizza 5K

This has been a strange strange week for me in training.  I am really struggling with putting in the runs in a way that benefits me.  When I started I was just fitting them in, and yes, it has only been 2-3 weeks, so I am still in the “starting” phase.  I have plenty of time to make some corrections.

Given my work schedule and the amount of stress that I am having over work, sometimes getting workouts in with appropriate rest times in between is a challenge for me.  I am going to continue to look at the time I have and hopefully something will work out.

My big problem this week was that I got overly sore, and then needed multiple rest days.  I felt a ton better on Friday, but, because I had a race on Saturday I didn’t want to run on Friday.

So I ran today.  I was disappointed.  Two of my friends and I had planned to do the race.  Both of them forgot about it, so I ended up doing it alone.  It was not local, so I was really alone in that I knew no one.  The Space Coast area though, has got a very active, fun running community, I felt instantaneously at home and was almost immediately involved in multiple conversations about races, PRs, the weather etc…so in the end it turned out to not be a really big deal.

The course was really flat.  I mean, REALLY flat.  I was a wee bit grumpy, as I knew that it was not a PR race.  I really didn’t want to run a disappointing race.  But…it was on the plan, so I did it.    I had a few moments of magical thinking that maybe I could run a PR.

Well, I didn’t.  I will say, I think the speed work and the Tempo runs are “working”…. Since I ran my PR in April 2012, I have lost a ton of fitness and gained 10 whole pounds.  I ran about 1 minute off my PR. And I freely admit that I did not run a 100% race effort.  I almost never do…I am not that great a competitor and many times comfort wins out over giving myself a horrible side stitch or gasping, to take off an extra 15 seconds…  So…guess I am going to trust the plan.

I’m going to try to do a 3.5 miler tomorrow, and then I’ll have almost all of the runs for the week done.

Going to have to figure out how to do next week.  I also signed up with my old trainer for some training sessions, so I have to smoosh those in as well.

I admit too, seeing my little countdown ticker flip to 5 months…made me really nervous!


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