30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

So, whats on my mind

I see this really nice plan I made this morning.

Is that what I did?

Heck no.


After wearing compression all day I decided I was feeling pretty good, and that I should get at least 3 miles in.

I started out and things were actually OK, I was running a little bit faster than usual (Guess the speed work is, you know, working).

Sadly, like FLorida is known to do, I found myself at mile 1.5 suddenly in the middle of a very severe thunderstorm.  Yes, someone is going to chime in ( well if this were a conversation someone would…) that they love running in the rain, and it’s no bit deal.

Yes, rain no big deal.  On the other hand the 40 MPH winds, small tiny bits of hail and driving rain were a bit much to handle.  I tried to continue running, but I finally had to stop, not because I was tired, but because I literally could not see.  Multiple people pulled over and asked if I wanted a ride…I figured no, I was already wet.

I got into the gym and the front desk guy threw me a few towels.  I then went and hung out for a second with my trainer (who I need to use).  I created a puddle on the floor…and then I spent a few mins with My old Physical Therapist.

Phys. Therapist really put my mind back in the right frame again.

He was like,  “WHy are you doing all that running and cycling all in a row?”  He reminded me that running of course is an odd thing, it is not all just  cramming in workouts whenever you can.  It really is planning, and thinking about things.  So….new lesson.  I need to be more mindful.  Getting all the runs in a week done is very important, but it may be more important to spread things out and do Quality, rather than just getting excited that I completed all the runs planned.  The race is still so far away that missing one 3 miler is no big deal.  I dont know why but I get this idea that if I miss the run, the whole plan is in jeopardy…go figure.

Rest day tomorrow.  I hate em.  it should be really good for me!  I’m still thinking of cycling and strength, but NO running.  For one thing, my shoes are SOAKED.  they are going to need some dry out time.


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