30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Speedy Monday.

I have a 5K on Saturday this week so I am trying to get all my other runs done early so I can have a rest day or two before the race.  I do not expect to have  a PR, it’s going to be hot and I am training well…but I’m not running really well yet, if that makes any sense….

Again the Olympics…Totally messing with my own training.

I admit I did not stay up to see my hero Lose last night.

The results of the 100m really broke my heart.  Both Gatlin and Gay train here in Florida.  Gay at the gym I use and Gatlin, seems to be there sometimes also.   Tyson is kind of a quiet man.  He works really really hard and is always very pleasant and kind to everyone.  The hip surgery he had was very similar to mine, if not the same.  It had the same procedure name, but each one is different.  But I know how hard he worked to come back and run.  If he had had one more year to recover and train, I think he would have beaten the pants of Bolt Blake and anyone else.   So, I didn’t watch.  I do realise now that I have had a really special life experience.  I’ve been able to watch so many of the great athletes train for years now.  It makes watching the sporting event much more special,  though in the case of the 100m, it was much more crushing!!!

I decided to wait until evening to run, just to give myself 8 more hours of recovery, as I was feeling pretty sore from yesterdays sandy hilly run.

today’s workout was 400m repeats times 6.  After the last time I did 400m repeats, I had some issues knowing what to do in the recovery periods. Many of our athletes at the gym run the 400, then hop off the mill, putting their feet on the immobile deck. They recover, and then jump back on the mill at top speed.  I tried it and had a lot of trouble.  Decided it was more trouble than it was worth.  So last week I walked the intervals.  Someone on Daily Mile mentioned that I could “run” recovery moments, so this week, I jogged the recovery periods.  I ended up doing intervals faster than my 5K pace.

I’m feeling pretty sore in the quads and shins now…so hot bath, compression sleeves and rest.  Hoping for a simple 3-3.5 tomorrow and then I have Massage in the afternoon.  Whoo.   I hope the speedwork works….I guess it always does?


  1. Susan

    Running dude Bart Yasso says to jog ’em. There’s a fine line, in my opinion. I’ve only ever done them (all my intervals) on a track, and if it’s super hot, I walk. If not, I jog. Of course that depends on who else is out there and how hard I’m pushing, too!

    • mizunogirl

      The track is more fun. I had to stop track work primarily because of the heat, and also because there were a ton of Olympians kind of in my way. (Or was I in their way). Now that they are all in London or resting after not qualifying for the trip, I might need to revisit the track…

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