30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Week two in the bag.

I finished off week two with a Run on the Clay Trail with 2 friends.  Well.  We started out together.  By the end I was about 1 mile behind them.. but that alright.This is not a photo taken by me, if you like it go here…

But this is kind of what the clay Trail looks like.  It is not a trail, its a clay road with a lot of dirt/sand piled on top of it.  So, it’s soft…and slippery in places and in a couple of spots it really feels like you can not grip the road.  So good for running.  It had Hill after Hill after Hill,  big uns.  some small ones too.  It was not an easy long run, but I enjoyed being out in a more natural setting, and the softer surface.  I’ll be running there again soon.

What did I learn this week.

Cuban Colada powered runs are usually strong runs.  

note the little cups beside the big cup.  Colada is a very strong expresso specially prepared with sugar.  You share it; the little cup is the one you are supposed to drink.  I always end up adding milk and drinking the whole Colada.

So yeah, I had one super super fast afternoon run!

I also learned that it pays to push on when you can.  When I got on the TM for a one mile run, just for the fun of it, I started at a fairly fast pace…and after about 4-5 minutes I really wanted to slow it down and walk a bit.  I was about to…had my hand poised on the speed down button…But there was this guy running beside me…and I suddenly thought, ” Man, this guy is still running, I need to keep running”  So I did, and  about 2 minutes later, I started to feel better, and he abruptly quit.  I totally chicked him, not in the traditional sense, but I beat him in actually staying on the mill longer (he got on about 2 mins after me.).  I realised from this that I do often stop before I really need to.  This helped me in my next 3 miler, as I had again that desire to take a walk break, and I was trying to decide if I wanted it now, or maybe when that little hill was coming up…. I started thinking, “If you can debate where to take a walking break, you probably do not need one…” So…hopefully I can continue to push myself slightly further each week.

My mileage still seems ridiculously low to me.  about 17 miles this week running.

Next week….bring it on, it is a total cut back week.

3.5 mile run

400m repeats times 6

3 mile run

5K race.

I think I will have to add in a bit more miles.  I may need a cut back, but…a 4 miler instead of a 3 miler won’t kill me or the plan.

I’m hoping all this hill running will put my in good shape for the City of Oaks Half…and then that it will translate  me into a stronger runner on the flats, for the Tallahassee marathon..  but we will see….

2 things I need to focus on this week:


and strength work.

I did some last week…but not enough.

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