30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

and one more run

I managed to drag myself out of bed after staying up waaay tooo late watching Gabby Douglas looking wonderful.

I love the Olympic games for all that it is.  The surprise winners,  the old favorites, the shows of excellent sportsmanship, the shows of not so excellent sportsmanship.  This year, though, the time delay is just enough that it is hard for me to keep on track.  Luckily my running plan is decidedly in low gear.  I’ve been struggling with that a little, wanting to add extra miles – which is just a plan for getting hurt.

I did my scheduled 3 miler this morning.  It was a little cooler.  78 degrees F dew point of 73, and humidity down to 89%.

It actually felt cooler.    The run went OK, not anything special.  I did struggle some with breathing.  My Singulair prescription was FINALLY covered by insurance.  I was so impressed by this, until I found out that Singulair goes generic next month anyway.  Still, thats a relief.  So for the first time in years I have been able to take the medication every day.  I really CAN breathe, so it is taking a bit of getting used to.

I have one more run for this week, a long run.  I’m planning on doing it with 2 friends, who are much faster than I, but we have all done this before, we just run and then hang out afterwards. It is on a new area, a clay trail that I have not been on, so I hope it will be kind to my legs and interesting.   I am for some reason concerned about running the 7.  I had trouble with the 6 last eek, but I think it was due to hillage and heat.  So we shall see.




  1. Susan

    Hillage…totally stealing that “technical” term. 😉

    • mizunogirl

      Hillage is a lot like Roughage! gotta get you some.

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