30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

First week DONE

it was a fairly good week.

I had 2 mid week runs of 3, that went alright, nothing really special.

One day of speed work on the TM  which went better than expected.

and a miserable “long” run of 6 miles.  I did the hilly route, and it was difficult. On top of that…it was super warm and humid this morning.  I struggled.  I don’t think it was my fitness, but actually the humidity and heat.

I looked like these men at various points.

Whats on tap for next week?  Nothing too exciting.

2  Three  mile mid week runs.

1 30 minute tempo run (will be treadmilling that, I am a terrible tempo runner, but the TM is good at setting pace. ha ha)

and a 7 miler.

I’m only worried about the 7 mile run.  The six did not go so well.  But I suspect that there were issues with the heat for me.  I am accepting that as I choose these much more challenging training routes, my time is going to slow down.  But…I know what the reward for this is as well.  MUSCLE and STAMINA!


  1. Well done with your progress, keep going!

  2. hahahaha that video is hilarious! love it!

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