30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Thinking ahead.

I decided to run the City Of Oaks Half Marathon in November.   It has been one of those races on my radar.  In past years I guess people complained that it was very hilly.

This year it is advertised as “Flatter than Ever”!   This sort of disappoints me, as it seems we, as runners, are getting a little soft.  We are not up for training for a challenge, but are looking for Flat and fast all the time?  At the same time, i am a Floridian these days, and though I live in a place known as the “Gem of the hills” things are still pretty flat.  While I do have a few distance races planned prior to the one in Raleigh, They are in Florida and pretty flat, and there is not much special about them.

So I’m going to have to take it on.


Here is the route I’m going to have to do for longer runs…. It has a hill that is a bit of a nemesis.  Ive urn directly up it 2 times only in the 4 years I’ve lived here.  To say I don’t like that hill is an understatement.  It isn’t even that funto run down the hill because it is really really steep, and when going down, one knows that to get back, you’ll have to charge right back up it.

Most people avoid this area for long runs, preferring a local Rails to trails bike trail…I admit, I prefer that trail too, but I want to have really good success with this half.  It is Out of town, and there is going to be a lot of Hoopla.

Here is the Medal. 

Here is the course for the Half Marathon.    I find it a little hard to tell which is going to be worse.

Generally all the advice given to me in the past was to run some hills on short runs and to concentrate on the flatter areas of town for long runs.  Since I’ve had little success with this method.  I think I’m going to start to use this route a bit for some longer runs.  It does eventually connect to the Rails to trails bike path, so I could end up some runs on a flatter area, but…I do think learning to negotiate bigger hills when tired may be a good way to go.  Any opinions here?  All are welcome!

Not 100% looking forward to tomorrows 6 miler!  It’s going to be on concrete instead of asphalt…(though I might run n the road for a bit.). Hoping to cap off a solid training week with a win!!!


  1. Susan

    So, you need to run hills. You can’t train for hills unless you run them. Sadly, we have no hills here, (Houston, TX) so we run parking garages. Yes, it is a bit pathetic. And still, although your body gets used to the uphill, it isn’t the same as a sustained hill that might be 1/4, 1/2 or 1 mile long.

    You’re training your muscles to get used to attacking the hill though. So I’d hit ’em hard going up, and use the down for recovery. And if you add them in at least once or twice a week, it’ll get you used to them on some level, so you won’t be totally shocked on race day. And you WILL get stronger.

  2. Fritz

    I found myself getting a lot stronger on hills when I did step-ups at the gym. A friend of mine training for Leadville does six miles at a 15% grade on a treadmill. Naturally, though, the best way to train to run hills, of course, is to run hills. 🙂 Good luck training for City of Oaks! When I lived in NC, it went through Umstead, which had all sorts of nice hills. If you want a real challenge, sign up for the Umstead marathon: it’s been my favorite marathon so far! 🙂

    • I liked running in Umstead. I guess though after my hill disaster this morning, should be glad it’s “flatter and faster”

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