30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

A wee bit of Speed work

Well, I failed to take my own advice.  I admit to having had a very tough work week, so I really didn’t plan out my best training week.

Most everything resolved today and I am cautiously optimistic again.  My job situation is much like a roller coaster.

But I felt pretty resting this afternoon, so I decided to just go ahead and get the Speed workout done.

5 X 400m repeats.  I did it on the TM.  And for one moment, I came really close to this scenario.

yup, I know this is Kampy to the extreme.  But I still found myself laughing.

As the plan instructed, I did them at my 5K pace.  It should not have been that challenging. It was a bit challenging.  I had put on both a tank top with a built in “bra” and a regular sports bra.  ANd the 2 bands around my chest made me feel as if I was struggling to breath.  This was probably not totally true, but I won’t be wearing the tank again for a while.

Each repeat did leave me at the end really excited to STOP and walk.  It felt better to have that feeling that either having to quit the interval, or just feeling ho-hum about the whole thing, so I think the speed was appropriate.

I’m really glad to be done with the speed work for the week.  now all I have left is one more simple 3 miler and a 6 miler.  I do want to do the 3 tomorrow am, but I think I’ll save it for Friday and then push the “long”  (6) to Sunday.  Maybe swim on Saturday…

So anyone else been training?  How are you handling your weather?

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  1. I needed that video for a good laugh. We had a friend get on our treadmill & he flew off of it like that… I STILL laugh about it & it was like 11 years ago!!!

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