30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.


This is my first week, and I seem to be learning the importance of REST….

I ran on Sunday.  The weather conditions were frankly, BRUTAL.  It was 80 degrees and about 90-92% humidity.  I felt pretty good for the first two miles, then the sun came up and I just wilted.  Everyone else seemed to be having similar troubles, and I noted that I was completely outnumbered by cyclists.  (at least they kin of create a gentle wind..)

So then I sort of took a rest day on Monday and cycled and decided on a whim to get on the treadmill and run…even though my plan for the week was set.  (I’m all freaked out by the low miles…)  In addition, i did a fairly good strength workout.

So, I get up today for my little 3 miler.  The weather for July is OUTSTANDING.  temp is about 76 and the humidity is only 87%.  Whee.

I felt sore enough that I put on calf sleeves…and I ran.  My 3 mile route involves running multiple loops and figure eights around my well lit neighborhood.  It’s kind of boring, but for some reason I actually am not very bothered by it.  I like that it has a lot of hilly ups and downs, though it’s easier to say that now on the couch..

Throughout the run, I could feel my body getting tireder and tireder….my legs started to feel a little like cement.

So.  I realised I should really have not been so tempted by my new party trick, the treadmill.

I went to the gym this afternoon after work and rode the stationary spin bike.  I meant to ride gently…but somehow managed to turn up the intensity…getting my HR to 138.  And now predictably…My hammies are a little sore, as well as a few other parts.

So I’m thinking what gives.

I need to rest, really rest.  Not this sort of half rest, decide I didn’t run enough, run a little bit more stuff.  So tomorrow…

I hope to not run, but to gently cycle, and then do some strength work, and come back to running on Thursday and Friday with less soreness.

It’s cray, now that I am  on an official plan, I’m getting all uptight about actual mileage.

We need rest!

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