30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Planned Racing.

Sooo, I have a busier agenda this year.  And I am excited about it.  My Main concern is getting everything to “fit in” with my unusual work schedule.  (I work 9-5 now, and have to actually take off holidays, using PTO, unlike working the 3 days a week and stringing things out so I could take a 2 week vacation without using PTO…)

August 11  I Run for Pizza Football Kickoff 5K  This is a small race out near the Coast.  I chose it simply because of the date.  I have done    Running zone races before, though and they are usually pretty fun, and exceedingly flat.  The MAP is hysterically old skool, I love it.   I will be running with 2 of my friends, and I hope I can get close to my PR, but it is AUGUST in Florida.  So we shall see.

September 1  Puzzle Run  10K  Another smaller race, right near my town.  I have wanted to run this for several years but it was never at the right time, for me. THis year it falls perfectly on the weekend I am supposed to be doing a 10K.  I should be able to actually run the course…maybe even this weekend, just to see how it really is…

September 22  Miracle Miles 15k.   I do not like this race at all.  It is run on brick pavers, and can be tough on the legs, plus the temp at that time of year is a bit “iffy”  ran it two years ago and was miserable.  I’m doing it again because the plan said 15K race, and well..its rare to find a 15K race, and to have one locally on the weekend I am supposed to be running, seems like it’s providence talking! They have a new course this year, but it is bound to include those horrific bricks.  I suspect that I injured my left hip labrum in this race in 2010, but I also suspect I was not in great shape at the time of the race. We will see how 2012 goes.

November 4 Rex Healthcare Half Marathon (part of the City of Oaks Marathon) Raleigh NC.  This Half Marathon will be a total challenge.  I’m going to see an old friend and do a packing party for Operation Christmas Child.  It has a reputation for being Hilly.  I guess its really hilly, because they are announcing that they have eliminated some part of the route and added in a flatter bit.  I hope it turns out OK…and is not too too cold.

November 22 Feet to Feast 15K, Palm Bay, FL.  Supposed to run 8 miles midweek, I think I can stretch it to 9.6.  My first race was a Turkey Trot.  I love them.  So this one would be a blast, I think!

December 1  OUC Half Marathon Old reliable, this one. The OUC is a half that people really seem to love around this area.  If I can find a different race, anywhere near friends or anything, I will take it.  The bricks at OUC…will be bad.  it is FLAT though, so I might do well, but with those bricks….UGH.

January 4- 6, 2013 Ragnar Relay Miami to Keys!  I am runner number 7 I think.  This is the first time I’ve done a Ragnar, and it will probably also be the last.  I’m really excited about it for so many reasons.  First of all…It’s Ragnar baby.  For a slower runner like me, I am delighted to be included.  Second, It’s Miami to Keys…never been down that way before.  Third, we are going to have some time to go to the Dry Tortugas afterwards….how cool is that….

January 20th  Florida Half a Thon, Clearwater Fl  This race is put on by a very good race director…the medal is a fun starfish.  Hoping it will get me int he mood for the Tallahassee race the first weekend in February.

I would love to put some 20 mile races in there…as I have a few 20 milers to do and doing them alone is well…tough.  But they are few and far between…

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