30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Hello world!

Well howdy!  it’s a new blog for me.  I am trying to kind of keep some things separate from my other blog, as the repeated entries about running can be boring to those who don’t run.  I regret that this entry, the first one…is not some slick introduction- designed to make you want to follow my every training move…and hang on every word, but…I seem to only be able to muster up this jumbled entry.  I’m a bit tired.

Well I guess this should be 34 weeks of Marathon training.  You will all have to forgive me. I started this blog in April 2011.  I did not get too far.

Here is a link to WHY  that was a No-Go.  I never did run a Marathon in 2012, and I won’t be doing so.

I recovered pretty well from all the Hip surgery,  and ran a pretty good Half in March 2012.  Inspired by my PR performance, I thought for sure I’d be up for another half in July, and then a Marathon in November.

Oh yeah. I forgot.  It gets kind of warm in Florida in the summer.  Makes it a bit harder to train.


I was still doing “OK”  and was on track for completing (not PRing) the July half…when about a month before the race, I started to have some problems.  Everything hurt.   I switched shoes, I visited the Massage guru a ton, and I tried and tried to run.  Turns out I had neglected some very basic exercises for strength training and my surgical hip- and muscles had rebelled.  So…I backed off.  I revisited the exercises.  I found the new shoes were not the answer…( wish they had been though).  I also have discovered that I can finally tolerate the treadmill, and I think that will encompass a good part of some training days.

So….Now it is time to start on Marathon training.  I want to qualify for Comrades Marathon.


I’m really still a far way from being able to RUN comrades.  It might actually kill my hip- and my other hip is showing some symptoms which hopefully will be kept at bay by my outstanding massage therapist.  Bt this year, I want to simply qualify and maybe run something just slightly longer than a Marathon- and- I want to have fun doing it!!!!

       The girl is having fun…contrast that to the guy…


Not too much fun there….  SO I want to actually be able to complete the races I have planned at a comfortable pace.  I’m not out to set any records.(well, none that would require me making the expression on the left!)


I’ve kind of devised my own 34 week training plan…it is built from Hal Higdons plans…  Hal has plans from novice to very experienced.  I’ve used his plans for both half and full Marathons….not always the best results.

I was thinking about doing the FIRST program, but I decided against it, as it did not have enough actual running days in it for me.  I actually you know, want to run…so the FIRST program, which I think is excellent did not really have what I think of as a base building effect.  I’m probably wrong about that, but…the First program seems to assume you already have an excellent base, which, sadly, I really do not.  I took almost 8 months off running.  Yes I’ve run a half marathon since then, but…not really feeling my base right now.

So essentially I will start with one of Hal’s Half Marathon programs, and then at 16-18 weeks before the Tallahassee Marathon, I will simply transition into that marathon plan.  The Half plan will take me up to 11 miles, and the full plan will then start at 10 miles, so I think it gives a nice transition.

The plan includes Interval repeats,  (I like ladder workouts!), Tempo runs and some hills.  My Physical therapist has vetoed the hills on purpose, citing that there are plenty of hills on my regular running routes.  (We are really hilly here, it is an anomaly in Florida, but they are here.) So I will be substituting most of the hill work with an extra tempo run on those weeks.

The plan does not include strength training.  I will simply continue to build on what I am doing now.

One thing I am doing differently this year is to actually run races.  Usually in my runner snobbery, I just run 1-3 big races a year.  This time around I decided to do a half marathon race whenever it fits in with the plan, and there is one available.  I think I will have more FUN…


overall.  and if it is not fun there is almost no reason to be doing it, right.


Soooo, next up I’m gong to put in my schedule of racing….Going to be a fun and challenging 34 weeks!

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