30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.


I may be finally “over” my month long injury that was never really diagnosed.  We can consider it sort of a quad strain, piriformis syndrome, ITB aggravation.

It still “hurts” on impact a bit, but the aftermath is not like before, and each day it feels a wee bit better.

Mama Cass sings a love song to my leg.

Monday I did a huge 80 minute cycle and a 1 mile run off the bike.  Felt pretty great.  I was loving the feeling of getting my running legs back as I plowed up the hill route.  Then I laughed because well, when you only have one mile to run…very easy to push it and feel great.

Today was a “tempo” run.  Right.  It was 81 degrees at 5 am with about 99% humidity.  Every time I tilted my head down a river of sweat drenched my eyes and face and everywhere else.  I was able to run about 3 of the 5 at a good tempo pace.  the other 2…well.  They were “ok”  I took heart in the fact that my pace improved slightly from last weeks 5 mile tempo run.

This evening I had some weights and I just felt like an older person.


My back felt stiff and un yielding, and I also admit, i felt a little tired.

I started by doing the inch worms exercise.  It is supposed to be for abs, but it isn’t that challenging.  What it does do is stretch out my hamstrings and hopefully also my low back some.

After a bit, I was in Business!  everything felt fine, I did a “baby” weights workout.  had a discussion about protein in my life with the physiologist at the gym which was actually productive.  And then after doing the workout, i headed home.

My life seems to be normalizing now that I can train properly again.  Not always thrilled with the time I’m putting in, but…very relived that this pain is subsiding.

Failed workout.

Well, it’s one of those odd ones. I failed but I feel I won.

I had a workout of a warm and cool mile and in between 2 sets of 2 mile repeats.

I’ve been waking up achy.  Given that yesterday I did leg weights, I really really was sore and achy.


I got up and got ready and of course got going later than I would have liked.  The DOG…Was entirely restless ALL NIGHT and kept me awake.

I started and noted that I was a bit slower….but whatever, I was running and it wasn’t horrible.

I felt pretty sore and not too peppy overall…so when I started the two mile repeats…I struggled to run them at the pace I was supposed to.  Ireally just couldn’t.  It was BOILING hot and very humid.

the first 2 repeat went OK.  I was definitely feeling it and so the effort was there, even if the speed was somewhere else.

The second two, I really had to admit defeat.  I just could not get going at an appropriate speed….

and then based on my route, I was done.

Not the workout planned. but…I was so glad to be able to run it at all with the amount of leg pain I’ve had recently.

Feels great. next week, will have to work harder on doing the actual workout.

Fingers Crossed….


images-3Fingers Crossed, I ran on Monday and Tuesday.  Today I had 3 miles on the schedule and as discussed with Goof-ball coach, I did it in the pool after a 30 minute spin.


At work, I was walking with a curious gait.  So, I decided that Motrin was in order.

IbuprofenI theorized that if I could walk normally my back would start feeling better, and thus things would shake themselves out.


As the Ibuprofen kicked in, any aching, pain etc, seemed to totally disappear.


After work, I hit the gym for “stretching”.  Other than having to deal with one person who I find ultimately annoying…my stretching and rolling went well and I went home.  I couldn’t recall exactly when I took the Motrin, so I was waiting for it to wear off and the pain to return.  At this point…it would seem that the major pain is finally finally gone.  My leg and back are still tender, but not like before.

I can choose pool or run tomorrow, and if it feels this good in the morning, I am definitely running.

This is a great thing.  I have to laugh too because this morning is the first time I really really prayed for the pain in my leg to disappear.

prayer request image

Lately I have been praying for a lot of hurting people in this world, also for people going through life changes, etc.  My leg…well, I had not thought it that important.  I was getting beat down by it though. It is very hard to even want to get up and respond to things and walk about when each footstep jars you.  So while acknowledging my little leg pain is nothing compared to the pain and grief in the middle eastern areas now…it was really hurting me.  So that’s what I changed.  Prayer might not be for everyone, but for me, it seems to have really worked.

Tomorrow is another 5 miles.  I’m curious to see how it goes.

In general feeling pretty darn good these days.  About to dial it in.

Return to running, goof balls and….

So yesterday I returned to running with an inglorious run.

Kind of like the Inglorious fruits and Vegetables:


It was just 2 miles.  He wrote: run 2 miles fast.  Not because I should run fast after 3 weeks essentially sweating it out in the pool, but probably because he knew me well enough to know that I would be as fast as I could just to “see”.

I was really concerned.  I did not sleep very well the night before, in part because of the run, and also in part because it was going to be monday, and in part because the wonder Dog decided to be restless until 2 am when he promptly began to snore after keeping me up half the night.

I got up…got on my new shoes…piddled around.  Got going about errr  a half hour later than I wanted.

The run itself was pretty great.  It’s very warm right now here and the air is saturated with humidity, so after about a half a mile my main mantra was to remind myself that the wet air still had oxygen in it.

The Sunrise was one of those gorgeous hot orange ball in the sky sun rises.  And I was amazed that I could run and indeed could actually run fast.  of course….I have had 3 weeks essentially off, and I have lost about 7 pounds, so the two combined…yes,






I was going to be slightly faster. Anyway, I was pleased with the run.  I stretched things out and rolled the offending areas and then went to work, which was unpleasant.  We are losing some payment for 2015 based on a variety of things, including data from 2012…which is frustrating. We have made great improvements since 2012, but we have to “suck it up” for the errors of 2012.  (2012 is the year I got the job. so I was playing clean up, even if I didn’t know it.  Clean up these days is SO much harder, no more low hanging fruit)

Post horrible work , I went and had a great massage.  I and the MT were on the same wave length and he really attacked the hip.  It felt loose and good for about 2 hours after…then some of the pain snuck back in.

After massage, I went to give the coach some money.  As you know from my last post, I REALLY felt the need to connect in with him. Sometimes this goes well, and other times, he is not feeling the same thing.  Luckily last night we all just kind of were ready for a few relaxed moments, laughing and having a good good time.  Soooo.  On the up and up, we will see how it goes.

It appears I’m signed up for another Ocean Open Water Swim….crazy stuff I do as an adult.




I really spent the week in the pool.

Chlorine city.

I did have a few sweaty enjoyable spins in there too, but for the most part…


Benefits of pool run:  Lots of time with friends.  Got to get to know the AM lifeguard really much better- he’s a nice guy, quirky and funny.  It’s a nice exercise when the heat index is climbing.

Non Benefits:

I’m getting a bit frustrated.  I have no real idea of what is going on with my leg.  I wanted to talk to my coach.  Somehow the way things worked out this week, there wasn’t time.  On tuesday, I wanted to see how things went for a few more day before I chatted with him.  Wednesday, I was distracted and by the time I got done, he was no where to be seen…Thursday, I had a fantastic upper body workout and I just didn’t really want to bring myself down with discussion of the painful hip, I guess.  Then on Friday, I actually got off work early, and was so hoping to be able to have 15 minutes of discussion without distraction…(This may have been why I was avoiding him anyway because he was working and I wanted actual 100% attention…).  he typically leaves really early on Friday so when I saw him, I was like…OK FINALLY!  but I noted he was really seriously working with one client, which is not his norm, so….left that alone and I think I actually left the gym before he did.

Looking at doing another Open Water Ocean Swim in August.  We’ll see what my coach thinks.  He is usually quite into them.  So we’ll see.

Work for whatever reason has got me entirely stressed out.  We still don’t have scores from the “Validation”  yet.  One of the managers and myself are having a lot of trouble logging in, but if we did have scores they would have emailed to tell us to look.  I’m still looking at other jobs, but less so because well…that takes a lot of energy.

Main goal is to get back to actually running on land.

my Weekly email has been sent off to Coach man.  I let him know I’m trusting him to get me to the start line this year.  I hope he feels the pressure and gets me going in the right direction.

Kind of a strange week, but not the worst I’ve ever had.




Swimming the summer away

Apparently my coach was not too impressed with my little 4 mile run on Sunday.

Late Sunday Night…

I get this email…

Patience is prime. ‘In all your getting, get wisdom’ You need to be 100%. This week do all the runs in the pool. Just tread of the same amount of time it would take in the road. This is rehab mode. We need 0/10 pain.


So, I’ve been in the pool. Alot.


Luckily the view from the Pool is not that bad.

More Lucky, one of my friends who I didn’t know super well is also a bit injured.


She and I have spent some time together jogging in the pool.  It really makes the aqua jogging better if you can be chatting. We’ve really become better friends, and have enjoyed many aqua activities together, and now as we are pool jogging…we’ve decided to run a few races together.  This is a really good thing, for whatever reason there isn’t any of the awkward competitive stuff between us…so it feels right.  Yay for friends!!!

The dramatic weight loss that started when we reduced the running has continued.  This is concerning, either I was really eating poorly, I was entirely overtrained, or I was messing up nutrition on the long runs.  In addition, I was under horrible stress, and it seems to have abated just a bit.  All are possible.  So in a way having a big break like this seems to have helped.  The loss is a good thing, though it happened in an odd way.  I’ll be a better runner without those pounds. So fingers crossed.  I’m working now while not training hard to take off about 3-5 more.

Feeling patient.  But also a bit nervous.  lets see how I feel at the end of the week.  I feel almost ready to dial it in for the halves and Jax Bank…




Comedy of Injury errors.

So.  Here I am Injured.

I am better than this guy….I mean, I have stopped running before this.

So.  Yesterday I swam about 3000 yards.  My friend and I both went to the Lake swim.  It was her first time, she seemed to love it!  I actually found having a friend along made it easier to talk to people so we  had some nice conversations with some folks.  Really nice place.  Laid Back vibe.  Another friend of mine wants to come but she is not a good swimmer, and she is so LOUD, that I just so far have not invited her. She can always show up, but I am not gonna be a personal lifeguard.



Then I went shopping.  My leg was starting to feel really on the more solid and healed side of the world so I was thinking ahead at the next 22 weeks or so when I really need to focus in on the training.

To that idea, I decided to save some time…

and get the Unknown

Very.Big.Bag.of. Dog. Food.

They put them on the bottom shelf, I chose the 30 lb bag and hefted it up into the cart.  I admit I thought about it, and then thought, “I can lift 30 pounds…”  I can.  My back did not love it though and immediately put up a protest.  It got tighter and tighter as I shopped my way through the store, and by the time I got home it was really complaining.  I stuck an ice pack behind it and took motrin.

All I could think was this Huge bag of dog food, intended to save me some time during training….may have just set me back 2 more weeks healing time.  Then I was thinking about how to explain this to the coaching.

This morning, it was still a little bit stiffer than normal, but not too bad.  I went for the 4 miler on my schedule.  By mile 3 my quad injury had had just enough running, but in the end the run went “OK”

I foam rolled the back with a softer white foam roller and I think I am on the mend, though my leg is not 100% yet and my back is a bit troubling. Massage tomorrow, I hope will relieve the back of it’s behavioral issues.

This week I am 16 weeks away from Lighthouse Loop Half marathon. 20 weeks away from the biggest race party of all time, SPACE COAST half (for me) Marathon. and then about 24 weeks away from the marathon, I thought it was all sooner… soooo, now is the time.

SO I’m getting ready for what will surely be a wild training ride.

injury injury

the leg seems to be slowly healing.


What a strange process.  It hurts like crazy in one place…that place resolves and I notice a new place, and then that seems better but I can’t do one motion without pain.

I did a lot of stretch and roll today.  It miraculously felt about 90% normal for about an hour.  and now again it is aching.

We’ll see.  this feels like it may not end too well.

Rest day again

Yes, this monday is a rest day.


My quad is still protesting the activity of running.

I think it is possible that I have a small strain or tear in there.  It developed kind of slowly, though which is not really strain or tear like.  Plus, there is a big knot that I and the massage therapist can feel.  Lumpy.

I have to say, I think I have discovered why I had the crazy back injury.  Both my coach and I were mystified when that crazy back strain happened. I was pretty much out of commission.  All I could do was get E-stim with him and go to the massage guy.

At least with this, I can swim, I can cycle.  I can do arms weights, abs exercise, and I can get around.

I’d been really really relaxed about this because:

#1:  I fully expected it to be OK 2 weeks ago after resting it a little.

#2: I was thinking that my races were REALLY FAR out.


It isn’t much better.  (makes frustrated face here.)

The first race of my season is 16 weeks away.  This is about the time I would normally start focusing on racing…

Marathon is 24 weeks away.

I’m starting to get a bit nervous.  But….Had deep deep tissue massage and came close to crying today and it feels better, and then worse and then better.  Using some motrin and we shall see.  next tester run…Wednesday morning.


Sooo,  my leg…

It isn’t really better.

It also isn’t all that bad. It’s a bit hard to tell what exactly is going on with it.

I ran 2 miles today and struggled with all sorts of little niggles here and there, the intense heat and a feeling of frustration. I never settled into a rhytm, I was just so iffy about the leg.

I suspect in part too that I was frankly tired of training.  I had no races on the horizon and it seemed I was just putting in these huge mileage weeks, and not getting any results, just getting EXHAUSTED.

So I’ve now done about 2 weeks of pool jogging.

Yes, it really is pretty good for staying fit. 

But there is no impact so you bones, joints, ligaments etc, don’t really get the workout they need.

So I am feeling the need to get back on the pavement.  I am about 16 weeks out from my first half marathon of the season.  Our Season starts in October.

I need all of the 16 weeks to try for a PR, and I want about a 10 min PR.  I think I can get it, but…I’m not really sure.

So this leg is all tangled up, but we’ll see how things go.




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