30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Long run gone wrong….ish

So… “long run” of a rest week today.  5 miles.

I again did not sleep well last night.  That really affects everything.

Plus I ate junk food yesterday so I was fueled by…errrr…. Junk.


SO I started out jogging along, and hit the hill then I noted some yellow police tape up.  BIG tree down across the trail.  so I had to go round which threw me off a bit.

Got back on the trail/path and continued on.  feeling tired.  At mile 2 ish I ran by some friends and that put a smile on my face a  bit.

The whole run was completely unevenly paced.  Miles 1-2 were on the paces I wanted.  Mile 3, I struggled and walked rather a lot.  Mile 4 again on target pace and mile 5 was very very close to target pace, but I had to stop and climb over the tree.  Uneven pacing is an issue.  I’m not sure it says I don’t know what I’m doing, or if it is just because I was tired.  I think it also may be that I am getting a tiny bit faster, but am not in control of the speed yet.  I et going at a new pace and can sustain it for a longer period of time (say 2 miles) but can not keep that speed for more…

Even though it feels cooler in my mind, it’s really still pretty hot and humid.

I finished up with my cool down cycle at the gym. Oddly then I spotted someone over in the PT area.  I thought it was the coach but when I looked up again no one was there.  Suddenly his head popped out and he waved, so I went over and we chatted a bit.  His wife came up and we had our usual awkward conversation.  She is focused on the trip to Africa, whereas Coach boy/man and I have moved on to training and life. So she kept asking if I had settled in and he kept giving me the knowing look and well, I’m glad we all had to go to churches…….

New experiences day.

Today I had on the schedule a 5K.  It’s a race I love.

I didn’t do it.

I had to practice with my open water relay team the Kayak thing.

We are doing this awesome swim.

As a relay, which means after about 2 miles each we have to get into the kayak from the water and paddle…

So we needed to practice.


We met at Lucky’s Beautiful Lake.  Did some swimming and some practicing.


I actually stink at Kayaking, having never been on a kayak before.  Luckily some members of our team are EXTREMELY low key, which balances out the errr higher strung peoples on the team.  I eventually got the hang of not being the leader and being the paddle helper.   Being the leader will not be my role we decided.

Kayaking does work the shoulders…intensely.

It was a lovely day.

I then went home and rested.  I admit I had not slept well the night before.  I had a lot of stuff running through my mind.

I finally at about 3 pm got it together to go to the gym.  I ran the 3 miles for the 5K on the treadmill.  Fall has not arrived in Florida.  someone posted a picture of a temp of 103 today.

Major coach miscommunication.  We have talked and talked all week.  I even asked him for a hug, which he can count on the fingers of one hand…10603541_950421561651589_2861440957810505285_n

He really helped my life this week, but he has not kept up real well with emails.  SO…


the 3 miler was challenging…turns out that crab chips, and ice cream don’t fuel runs well.

I essentially ran slow 800 repeats because I wanted to be done, but couldn’t quite sustain the whole way so I’d run a half a mile walk about one tenth and then run another half mile at a faster than normal pace.  Kind of strange.

Kinda looking forward to next week.   Maybe by the end of the week, I will have a new job, new situation and I am going to the Florida Keys, so AWESOME.

Could it be?could it be?

That my legs have recovered from the torture I gave them recently.

Seriously all that travel kind of screwed things up.  I really wonder exactly how Professional runners and other athletes deal with all the jet lag of travel before the big meets in Dubai etc.  I did not deal well with it at all.

Today I had a cycle followed by a run.  This is one of my favorite workouts.  We tease that I should have a stationary parked in front of a start line for a race so I can get a cycle warm up.

The cycle was as cycles have been lately, Ok, but not interesting.  I need new cycle music.  In addition, I was already feeling kind of grumpy from work situations.  Stationary cycle has a way of dredging up thoughts.

The run after was kind of a relief.  My legs felt pretty good and I decided to try to run steady and push a little more than I did the day before.  I have been running SLOW and seeing others times had me a bit concerned.

The first mile started out “OK”  but by about the half point, i saw that I was on pace for what I wanted.  I pushed through the hill at the half way point and was rewarded by the down hill.  Of course what goes down…in C-town, comes back up again.  So I started on the next hill and the next, hit the turn around and went down and up yet again.  Pace remained good.  I felt like I was working but not “Killing myself”.

My little 3 miler ended up being one of the faster runs I’ve had in weeks.  maybe months.  What a relief.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

Recovery Miles.

Wow.  So Sunday I did my ever so slow 12 miler and then spent the rest of the day kind of recovering.  I woke up a few times in the night and found moving about to be challenging.

I knew I had 2 measly miles on the schedule.  I debated doing them in the pool…doing them on an elliptical, walking them…trying the treadmill.  Anything.

In the end, I decided that they were on the schedule and I should try them.

So. I started.  Admit I was humiliated because I knew I was slow, AND there were a lot of high school swimmers leaving the gym for school.  So they were all witnessing this sort of “jog/hobble/jog” situation.  I felt like a crippled elderly elephant.


Gratuitous picture of elephant sculpture in Singapore Zoo….

I kept running anyway. The route I chose goes immediately down hill which was really quite jarring.  I thought, “Ok I’m getting along ok down the hill, but there is this uphill.”  It’s a rolling route.  The uphill did slow me down but I made it to the next descent.  By the end of that, I was moving more like a runner, and less like an arthritis sufferrer.  I turned round and proceeded to keep running…amazingly to the entire end of the run.  And as many of you would predict.  After the run, my legs felt slightly improved.  I KNOW this happens and I KNOW thats why I do recovery runs.  Oddly before them, anything but running always seems like the “Smarter move”

Saw the coach briefly last night and he kind of rolled his eyes and said, “Well, imagine that”  I tried to negotiate some increases in my workouts this week, but got no where, so it looks to be a light week…

Sunday Long run.

Whew.  Long run. I had 12 miles on the docket.  Now. 12 is kind of a mid distance and it isn’t that long. My issue was that I’ve kinda been slacking on the long run. The last Sunday I was on an airplane, so no long run. The previous sunday I was supposed to be running 10 miles.  I ran 6.2 my excuse.  I was in Nigeria.  really of all my excuses, this one was pretty good.  I suspect also that the hotel treadmill was not exactly tuned, so who knows if I ran 10K or 2 K.  The week before that I ran 8 miles.  Soooo….I was going from 8 miles, with 2 weeks of laziness in-between, to 12 miles.


Add in my massive exhaustion from my trip/travel/back to work…and I was kind of feeling a little DOOMED.

Oddly when I awoke my legs were feeling- dare I say- “better”  Not at 100% normal, but thankfully not as bad as they had felt on Friday.  I started running and was thinking about the relationship advice that my coach had given me the other day.  (He really wants me to have a nice boyfriend, and I’m not opposed to that either. ha.) He was trying to tell me not to settle, and he said, “You know there’s a guy out there who won’t mind that you love to run long…”  So…as I started my run today (which isn’t that long) I kept thinking…”Do I love this?”  “I’m not so sure I love this…”


So I started.  For the first half mile I felt “OK”  I was sort of relieved that I did feel OK because lately I have not felt that good.  Getting up the hill that catches at the start of this route pretty much took that “OK” feeling away.  Oh that hill- it’s super short and then immediately descends, but whoa it got my legs.  Undeterred I ran on, expecting to take a few walk breaks- somewhere in the second mile.  Somehow I managed to just run until Mile 3.3 where my water is always stashed on this route.  I took a few sips and then commenced to run up another hill.  What was unusual and completely strange about this run was that my legs really didn’t quit.  They did not feel good at ALL.  If you know the feeling- it was a quads are all ripped up and trying to heal and I’m pounding them again feeling.  So my brain kept thinking, ok…legs are about to walk.  And yet the legs kept running.  My mind was kind of not in tune with the legs at all.


My Mind looked like this…. but my legs…


just kept running.  And hurting but running none the less.  (I was wearing some clothing though, unlike this woman.)

This is a really odd situation.  It occurred through the whole run.  My only thought is that I must be developing better endurance.

Not the best run ever, but certainly better than anticipated.

Never listen to your brain when running. Apparently the legs are where it’s at.



Wow I’m really quite tired

So I did Swim/run/swim/run on tuesday.

Wednesday I ran 4 miles.  It did not go super well.  To start with my garmin died mid run.


Luckily it stopped working at mile 2.6 in a 4 mile run. It was an out and back.  So to do the correct distance, all I had to do was “go back”.  My time was just all messed up.  The garmin recorded a 2 miler, a 5 mile and a 6 miler for all at the same time.  I know I ran 4.  Just don’t know how fast or slow.

Thursday was speed work.  Unfortunately, I was EXTREMELY tired on Wednesday.  I suppose it was Jet Lag catching up to me.


(No, I have not recently flown Air Nigeria..the company with one of the worst safety records ever, they’ve gone out of business!)

I slept in and attempted to do the speed workout in the afternoon.  BY the afternoon…I was STILL exhausted.

I did manage one of my two mile repeats at the prescribed pace.  Couldn’t bring myself to do a second or third.


I sighed and went to the coach.  He handed me a book he wanted me to read, and I confessed that I was really tired.  He looked terribly disappointed.  Ah well…I went home and collapsed.

Today I did my bigger brick workout.  1 hour cycle (ended up at 15.8 miles) and a 6mile run.  I was dreading this. It got done well, however, just really slowly.  I was pleased and relieved.

Reported back to coach via the email.

got this in return:

The speed will return you will see a shift soon in how you feel.

So…..waiting to meet Flash!

Swim, Run, Swim, Run….

Back in the USA.

I got home yesterday.  As is expected and is only natural, I received an email last night with the rest of the weeks workouts. I was asleep.  And decided after the alarm went off at 5, that I was tired.

So around 7, I saw the email, and was like OHHHH.

So after work…

I swam about 1500…

ran 2 miles on a treadmill….because I left my Garmin at the office.

Hopped back into the pool and swam a super slow 1000.  My goggles kept leaking.  2011-07-26_14-39-27_0

Ugh.  Ugh. Ugh.

Out of the pool, and back on the Treadmill.

Back in business.

Saw my favorite gym trainer who was so enjoyable.  His comment… “You are back, and you are alive!”  I never give much thought to going places.  But seems many people did.  We enjoyed our chat and I really felt welcomed back.

Then got to spend Coach time…which was OK…lots of stuff for us to think on and cover.

I feel lucky.

I am BACK and I am ALIVE.  I’m able to work hard and play hard.  How awesome is that!

Could I be winning?

So yes, I am still sitting here in Florida.  

Limbo Limbo. 

I go back and forth, i want to go, then part of me doesn’t. 

In part because training is going pretty much better than I expected this week.

Tuesday I awoke and was disappointed to find out my left back tweak was still feeling lousy, and my left knee wasn’t really improved.  I was at a loss for what to do.  Logic states to rest this stuff.  Reality told me that I had a few days coming up that were not going to allow for working out.  I also wasn;t sure that the back muscle was even really related to running.  

All of this debate at 4:30 am…made me feel a bit grumpy.  grumpy_bear_vector_by_catnipfairy-d52v8mb

I got to the gym…still grumpy and decided just to try and see if I could run the 5 miles.  

Oddly, I could.  The knee pain went away and my back pain while it was present was not actually affected by running.  The run felt good.  

So was entirely stoked to get that done.  My arms workout that evening was super super duper.  I saw Lance Brauman, and he mentioned that I looked like I was “getting fit”….(which is kind of an athletes way of saying “you look as if you are about ready for the race season”).

Some of the gym guys also gave mea few lifting tips, nice.  

Wednesday I did the laundry generator…swim, run swim run…

THursday… I went to Miami.  right?


I will spare you the Will Smith “going to Miami” song.

I got my passport renewed.  Negotiations are still occurring.  Trip has been postponed to Wednesday…Looks good for going though.  THis guy is a go go getter, and I’m finding him fun to deal with.  Nigeria here I come on Wednesday.

Ran 2 miles while awaiting the production of the same day passport.  

then drove home.  I am so so freaking tired.  

WTF moment

I’m currently living in Limbo.

Not as much fun as the limbo at a party.

I’m waiting to hear if our trip to Nigeria is a go or a “no”.   I’m at a point where I don’t care either way but I don’t particularly want to waste a lot of time getting the one vaccine I feel I need and driving to Miami now for a passport.  I’ve noted a lot of disorganization from this group and that also doesn’t please me.  We were contracted to teach about protective equipment, and I see several members trying to go off of a 2 week trip to East Africa, to relate to what they will find in W. Africa.  Let’s just say I have concerns.  They wanted to Depart on Wednesday but yesterday I realized they don’t have a prepared program, so what they really thought they were going to do bothers me.  So we’ll see.  If I can not get my work letter from them by tomorrow, I am just going to forget about it.

That said…yesterday was Monday. I got to do a 3 mile run and then immediately after hit the pool for 3600 yards-about 2 miles.

It went well.  The run went especially well. For the first time since JUNE my hip felt perfect. Now, my knee was bothering me some, but really it was inconsequential.  The swim was OK…


These are my goggles I’ve been using and this is exactly what happened for probably the first 20 minutes of my swim.  Fill up with water.  Can’t see, eyes sting and burn.  They are good goggles…the key is as always to put them on with a dry dry face.  Having just been running and sweating buckets, my face…not dry.

Eventually I got them to work, and the workout got done.  It was a long haul and I got out of the pool thinking, “Wow, that was some morning workout”

Weirdly and scarily, at work several hours later, I turned in my chair and noted that my left lower back felt some tiny tiny pricking pains.  YES.  I have tweaked out my left lower back.  (Always has been my right lower before.)

WTF?  I didn’t really do anything.

So…had massage and he couldn’t find any knots or anything tight.  I know that it is just something small, but darn it all, I am so so sick of these little things.

My coach is all about me heading to Nigeria, for one main reason.  I probably wouldn’t be able to run much, so he feels I’d “totally heal up”  I’m starting to think he is right, but at the same time.  I have no idea.

I just try to remember all things come together for good…


So getting schooled a little by “hardship”.  Pretty sure I’ll come out right in the end…..


No Small enemies.

I started this post back in May.  Discarded it because I thought it no longer relevant.

A few months ago I went to do an open water swim with someone I really didn’t know well.  She turned out to be a really fun person and we laughed about some things and had a few serious moments.  Her parting words were, “There are no small enemies.”

Apparently Benjamin Franklin first said this witty little phrase.  At the time that my new found pal said, it, I thought it was pretty profound, but at the same time, I giggled.  In the context it was said, it didn’t make sense.

Fast forward a few weeks and I found myself engaged in a strange sort of “Mean Girls” High School Musical” style battle that I do not wish to engage in.MeanGirlsSoundtrackI am an adult.  I would much prefer not to be but, adulthood happens.

Most of my adult life, I have been a bit of a loner.  I prefer activities like running, or swimming, or hiking about exploring, and reading.  Now all of these things can be done in a group setting indeed.  In fact, I know a lot of people who plan all their activities around others to be with others.

That just has never really been me. I have however, become settled in Florida.  Over time, ones makes many acquaintances, and some friends.  This is especially true of running people, since it seems people are always looking for someone to “run with”….So over the years I’ve gotten to know some people.  Now…I’m a funny person.  If you cross me and are a jerk…I’m pretty much done with you. I don’t do the Break up /get back together routine either, I just well, have better things to do than try to figure out why a person is a jerk.

Almost 2 years ago, I was able to start to train with my current coach.  He doesn’t coach a ton of people, I may have been his first client.  He has, however an extensive background that makes him ideal as my coach.

When I first started with him, suddenly my training looked really different from my friends. Many of my posts from that first year are entitled “And $&*(% just got real”

Fair to say I have never trained this hard in my life ever.

It paid off.  I’ve had a slew of PR’s.  I have most definitely gotten stronger.  In addition, I’ve really grown as a person. Since the coach and I share the same faith..we tend to really look at at the events that have occurred with a God-Centric approach.  As a loner, I was not used to having someone in my corner.  It was really something to run an event far away and be getting emails asking “How did it go” hours after the event.  Yes, he is compensated, but, just like a piano teacher they want their students to do well.  So Combination for success:


Occasionally, I believe I do disappoint him, but he really has always made an effort to tell me that I never have anything to be ashamed of with him.  This was huge when I had my overtraining issue and my marathon flop last year.  I cried.  He looked worried and then we dusted me off and moved on.

Some of this seems to have created some issues for others.  Several people have taken offense when I don’t “switch up my training” so I can do a “fun run” or “run with the XYZ group”.   Most eventually understood that it wasn’t about them, it was about me doing my training.  Last year, a few people were delighted to participate in my workouts, but wanted to malign my coach throughout the workouts and criticize what he and I were trying to do.   So, having been through that I thought this whole situation was over. I still see her around- she works where I work, but I find that I remain quite happy not training with her.  She wasn’t necessarily holding me back, but she was oddly creating a lot of negative energy for me around my coach. That break up was easy. She and I did not run in the same social circles.

In the last year, a friend of mine got a job at my hospital. I was pretty excited because she has always been working out and training.  We finally would have membership at the same gym and could do some workouts together.

Well.  I guess in the past I had only spent a little time here and there with her, and did not really know her.

Oh My Goodness.

The first month we were in the gym together, she really embarrassed me.  She’s pretty loud, and I could see that others were annoyed by the noise.  I’ve developed a friendship with one of the gym trainers, and we occasionally chat.  Immediately, she tried to discredit me with him through a variety of techniques… “I told her if she just…”  He is kind of a quiet guy and kind of looked at her and said, “Maybe she’s doing it right and if you just..”  While that stopped her in her tracks, suddenly someone was telling her they thought she was actually not correct. She stopped talking to him.  A couple days later, she annoyed the hell out of my coach by trying to discuss my training with him.  She annoyed the hell out of me too.    My coach and I work well together.  I do not want anyone messing with it.  I don’t think I said anything to her, but I sent him an email asking him to not discuss my training with her.  He never really said much about it but he seemed relieved. She was actually trying to copy my training plan, and I just flat out refused to let her do that.

She and a mutual acquaintance  got into a thing several months ago.  Now, there is no lost love between myself and the acquaintance, but she really terrorized her.  Instead of just avoiding the lady, she first made all sorts of pointed posts on Facebook, designed to inflame.  Then, she and the poor lady had multiple heated text messages back and forth.  After that she insisted that the lady “De-friend” her on Facebook.  At this point, I was like…just de friend her and get over it. At some point, the woman got tired of it and did comply and unfriended her.


Well….after the de-friending occurred, suddenly it was important that *I* post things on Facebook  “so that she will see them”.  I am proud to say I drew the line at that.  This is just stir the pot behavior, and not very mature stirring of the pot.

After that, I became the same target.  Odd little pointed comments would be made.  Comments that others took as “aggressive” were made to my facebook page.  I was sort of surprised but then I started to put things together.  I came up with a “mean Girls action plan”.  I admit I talked to another friend about what to do.  That helped a lot.  I decided to simply not give the big reaction, or any big justification for anything anymore.

Oh Man, that is Soo So so so hard.  The neutral reaction when all you want to do is go open a can of whoop ass on someone.

It’s hard but it is working.  I’ve decided not to respond to her.  I “like” one or two of her photos daily (she posts about 10 a day so its easy to “like” one) but no commentary, or very neutral commentary.  She posts on my statuses but I never respond to her.  I’ve deleted 4 square because I realized not too many people were using it except for her and I and I found I rather didn’t like her knowing where I was all the time.  In truth, I don’t care what she does. Her training is sketchy, in part because she gives a lot of slack to herself  and she has a family she is also scheduling her life around which I recognize changes things.  So while I don’t care, I do get totally aggravated that she consistently compares and plays the one ups game.  Afriend of mine recently posted a great article about “losing weight with your spouse”  My friend lost 57 pounds! Her husband lost 64!  This mena girl had to announce that she lost over 100.  I have lost in my like a total of 30 pounds once, I guess I’m not as good….it is always a competition.


Has anyone ever encountered the ultra competitive, not very nice mean girl (guy)  in their athletic adventures?  WHats triply amazing is that neither of us is elite or competitive…so…why why why does anyone have to be this way?

I can not eliminate her entirely from my life.  She is toxic in her own way.  SO I am hoping I’m doing the right thing here.  The other option is to discuss with her why she is the way she is, but in my experience this has never created a genuine conversation, it just usually creates more defensiveness.

Interesting relationships….

What would you do?






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